our story


Married business partners, Jared and Lindley Lynch, have one mission: serve healthy - all natural açaí smoothie bowls out of funky food trucks, while connecting with good people.

Simplicity and excellence is our goal.


we choose inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business.


It started while sipping a mediocre smoothie a surf trip... You could say we had an "aha" moment, but both of us having full-time careers, dreamed for a minute, and then let the idea pass...

...for a little while.

On returning to Montana, we continued the conversation. Lots of, "Wouldn't it be so rad if... [insert longed for life goals]." Instead of dreaming and "what-if'ing", we did. We bought a food truck, built it out, and welcomed our first customers June 30, 2015. Neither one of us were quite sure what to expect. We told ourselves we would give it our all for two years, and if no one wanted our smoothie bowls, we'd be be happy we gave it a shot. But what has unfolded over the past five years has been a beautiful and exciting new adventure. 

... and we happen to love adventure. 


the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.